I’ve neverbeen in kitchen before i’m getting married . Yes thats me!

Once upon a times i’ve met my prince charming , turn my world into the most amazing journey ever! We get married , happily ever after and add extra family members . Then that was an epic moment of my life when i’m entering the kitchen! I’m a product design graduate , all about drawing , ask me .

But cooking?

I don’t know whats the different between garlic and onions , I don’t know if I over cook garlic it turns into brown and turn black and it bitter . A yuck bitter !

My Prince Charming, off course , always be passion and swallowed anything I cooked . Hey at least he dont have diarrhea at those moment . He was puke one times , so did i . I’ve cook some beef stew and I don’t know how to cook it and its taste like baby poo . ( so sorry honey )

Times goes again and again , we’ve been married for 6 years with 2 kids , its a roller coaster on my kitchen . Cook again and again and again , still ways to go !

I’m not an expert like masterchefs or any other mother who loves to cook since they’re little girl, but its a survival journey for me and my family , for my husband and for my kids when they said “mommy i want your cooking”.

Around 2 years ago, i got those moment when it turn your life into 180 degree . My mom was sick . Cancer and all of sudden she just got her days numbered . She lost like mostly more than half her body weight , only skin and bones left . She lost her appetite , her power and her spirits . I was desperate too . Suddenly i cook for my daughter , some banana pancakes . She was like drolls and ate all of it . Thats was one of the best moment of my life . I cook everything for her , i’m studying and researching the whole fresh cooking , just for her . A months before she passed she still ask some baked salmon with lemon and rosemary . She might be gone , but because of her i knew lots recipes .

Its amazing how my family turn me from “never been in kitchen” into “Wulan is in the kitchen” . I even bake sometimes ! hihi…

If i can cook and i’m sure every mom can !

Theres some time where i have to cook with one hand and baby on my other hand , theres some time when i cook soooo hard and my kids doesn’t even touch it , and there will be a time when i said ” I’m survived with my own cooking food!”

So Enjoy the wonderwulan !

its a journey from Zero to Hero (i hope someday…)



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