Hot Limes with Peppermint

hot limes1This is the best drink recipes ever , it doesn’t matter winter or summer , its healthy and it simple ! If its winter make it hot and if its summer make it cold !


  • 5 cups water
  • 2 fresh limes
  • 8 – 10 peppermint leafs

To make a hot limes , boiled the water then add the peppermint leafs  and the limes . Cut the limes in the middle then use some fork to squish the limes .hot limes

Note : I don’t use sugar because I’m not that sweet tooth 😉

Matcha Latte


matchaI am a big fans of Matcha . I’ve read lots article and mostly say that Matcha have lots amazing health benefits . But drink the pure Matcha for me is like drink a very strong espresso , bitter . I like Frappuccino Green Tea from Starbucks , but who knows how many sugar inside . I also collect lots of instant Matcha latte from Korea, Japan and China . Then again , who knows how many sugar inside and how many percent the real Matcha powder inside . Continue reading