Fried Chicken

friedchickenAdmit it , this is one of your childhood dream’s food . When I was a kid , of course I didn’t knew what fast food’s side effect , but this fried chicken is awesome ! I always eat the moist and hot meat inside , then nibbling the soft bones after that comes my rewards … the crunchy skins ! Anyhow after that here comes lots propaganda about how they treat the poultry , so I attempt to make my own fried chicken and bought the poultry from farmer market only , at least those chicken dead peacefully by farmers hand and not having an abuse . Go ( half ) green ! Continue reading

Strawberry Cupcakes

strawberry cupcakes2I prefer use a fresh strawberry for  the flavor and the food coloring , somehow my kids can sense it , they just knew which one is the fresh which one is with artificial ! by using the fresh strawberry  , the color of the frosting will be soft pink and the muffin’s color  will be light crème after baked  Continue reading