Banana Ice Cream

bananaice1All you need … Banana !


  • Get 5-6 fresh banana
  • Peel it and freeze the banana over nightbananaice4
  • Put it at blender , stand-mixer or food processorbananaice3
  • Then you got your banana ice cream !bananaice2

But … now is the play time begin ! you can mix it with mango , yoghurt , lemon , etc etc … I’m going to keep update !

And for this unbeatable heat summer , I’m so into limes , banana ice cream with caramel sauce !


  • Squeeze 2-3 fresh limes , then mix it with the frozen bananabananaice6bananaice5
  • Add the caramel sauce on top
  • Eat it with some butter cookie !bananaice
  • Yummy !


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