Strawberry Cupcakes

strawberry cupcakes2I prefer use a fresh strawberry for  the flavor and the food coloring , somehow my kids can sense it , they just knew which one is the fresh which one is with artificial ! by using the fresh strawberry  , the color of the frosting will be soft pink and the muffin’s color  will be light crème after baked  Continue reading

Red Velvet cupcakes

I have to confess this velvet is a dream come true ! the taste , optically eye catching ,simply mixing  with fresh cheese frosting then became super cupcake , but somehow … there is a food coloring inside . Its not like once  you eat that then you’re going to die , but I wouldn’t recommended that you give this cupcake  to kids daily .
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Hot Dog ! Hot Dog ! Hot Dog !

hotdog2Lately I’m on war with my 1 years old son , the fussy eater time ! everything I cook just wasted and his mouth keep closed to everything . One day he woke up from his nap and being so grumpy , I try to feed him everything but he still refuse it . So I look up to my fridge and look for some sign . All I found is sausage , croissant dough and some cheddar cheese . surprise surprise , he eat one portion ! complete ! problem solved at least  for a while ! Continue reading

Easy Macaroni Casserole

macaroni schotelWell I’m not actually using macaroni this time . I found the fresh egg noodle at my “doomsday “ storages , so I’ll just use turn this noodle into casserole ! once my neighbor give me macaroni casserole with spaghetti , so it supposed to called spaghetti casserole , but everybody still call it macaroni casserole anyway !   Continue reading